Diploma in Women Leadership (Dip. in WL) is a one year diploma

Course Objective

  • To impart the knowledge of the need and programmes of women empowerment and development.
  • To know the role of women in church and the society and develop insight in to the process of protection of women health and environment.

Course Outcome

Students will
  • Develop the skills of inclusive leadership, valuing and involving all members of the family with their unique contributions and empowerment.
  • Support other women through a spirit of communal uplift and work more effectively with diverse groups.


  • 10th or +2 or Any Degree with or without ministry experience
  • Offered only to women applicants

Reference Letter

Two reference letters are required from persons of high standing in society or in ministry for those who apply for residential program.

# Subjects
1 Women in the Old Testament
2 Women in the New Testament
3 Women in Creation - The Image of God
4 Women in the ministry of Jesus Christ
5 Challenges in the lives of Women – work, business, government
6 Women and Prayer
7 Biblical Women role models – By Sr. Evangeline Paul
8 Indian Women Leaders
9 Jesus Calls Ministry for Women EPG, TPG, CEPG, JCM
10 Women in Families
11 Challenges for Women in Ministry
12 Webinars from Dr. Stella Dhinakaran and Sr. Evangeline Dhinakaran
Description Online Distance
Academic Fees 8000 7500
Fees to be paid at the time admission I semester 4800 4300
Fees to be paid before December – II Semester 3200 3200