Diploma in Biblical Life and Ministry (Dip. In BLM) is a one year diploma

Course Objective:

  • To impart a basic knowledge of and ability to interpret and articulate the biblical life and ministry.
  • To develop, implement, lead, and evaluate a ministry in a specific context giving attention to all aspects of personhood integrating spiritual growth with social, moral, psychological, cognitive and physical development.

Course Outcome:

  • Demonstrate a spirit filled living with the ability to interpret and articulate the biblical life and ministry.
  • Spiritually be empowered to evangelize with a focus on word, prayer, supernatural gifts and fruits.


  • +2 or Any Degree with or without ministry experience

Reference Letter

Two reference letters are required from persons of high standing in society or in ministry for those who apply for residential program.

# Subjects Major Topics to be covered
1 Bible Survey 1 Historical, Geographical, Chronological information each book in the New Testament
2 Bible Survey 2 Historical, Geographical, Chronological information each book in the Old Testament
3 Ministerial Formation Prayer, Devotion, Worship, Christian Living
4 Foundation of Theology God-Human- Creation relationship with Attributes and works of God, Pneumatology, and Christology
5 Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ Incarnation, Ministry and Challenges in the life of Jesus Christ; Implications for us to carry the mission of Jesus Christ
6 Jesus in Gospels Jesus in each Gospel, Similarities and Distinctiveness of each book;
7 Works of the Holy Spirit in Acts The formation and expansion of the early church; Works of the Holy spirit; Jesus disciples’ leadership, Missionary Journeys of Apostle Paul
8 Survey of NT Contextual Issues, Persecutions, Indigenisation (Understanding mission in our context), Insights from JC, KU and Seesha.
9 Pauline Epistles Historical critical study of epistles from Romans to Hebrews; Pauline understanding of Christ, salvation, Grace, Sin, Cross, Resurrection and Eschatology (Teaching on End time Expectation), Parousia (II coming of the Lord)
10 Christian Ministry Ministry among children, women, youth, Senior citizens, Hospice care, and disabled.
11 Eschatology and Parousia Biblical, Theological, and Historical Teachings on Eschaton. The Prophetic and Apostolic ministry with regard to Parousia. The Prophetic revelations through Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
12 Revelation The divine revelation and its influence in the life of Dr. DGS Dhinakaran and Jesus Calls Ministries
Description Online Distance
Academic Fees 10000 7000
Fees to be paid at the time admission I semester 6000 4000
Fees to be paid before December – II Semester 4000 3000